We help prepare organizations for success in their most important transformational initiatives -- by improving their capability to collaborate effectively.
  • We helped the world's busiest airport prepare for its largest international terminal.
  • We helped two giants in financial services integrate to create the UK's largest Banking Group.
  • We helped one of the world's largest telecoms provider dramatically improve cyber resilience.
    They now triage and mitigate DDoS alerts in 15 minutes or less, anywhere in the world, 24/7/365.
  • We helped 200+ electronics manufacturing plants transform their Supply-Chain Operations.
  • We helped UK Government rethink delivery of project & programme in the public sector, for good.
  • We helped Roger access his favourite legacy accounting system, from anywhere in the world.
  • We help create world-class lean professionals, no black-belt required.

The greater the importance of ANY initiative, the greater the need to collaborate for success.

Effective collaboration is complex and never just about software tools. The old rules in leadership and management simply no-longer apply. Success requires new, often counterintuitive thinking and investment in preparing people, platforms and processes. Coplexis Consulting specialises in controlling the complexities of collaboration to help senior executives and leadership teams succeed in their most important change & transformation initiatives. The results are outstanding. We base our fees on them.

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Core Competencies

Management Consulting: Turnarounds, Vision & Strategy, Future Co-Operating Model, Transformation Roadmap, Benefits Realisation, Delivery Management...

Workplace Technology: Managed Cloud (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) & Virtualization (VDI, VDS) Services, Credential Management (AD, DNS), DDoS Protection...

Operational Support Services: Virtual Centres of Excellence (SCM, PMO, PSO, CRM), Lean (Kanban, JIT, Agile, SCRUM) Business Process Integration...

Thought-leadership: Virtual Organization Design, Leadership & Team Management. Enterprise 2.0 (Work 2.0, Web 2.0, SCM 2.0), Business Strategies for the Digital Age...

  • I have been nothing but impressed with what I have seen with regards to Coplexis's professionalism, business and technical acumen, and their ability to make difficult initiatives successful.

    Danny Ryan – Co-Founder, ThreeWill

  • Coplexis always took time to ensure that what they proposed met with our agreement and fitted our working practices. They didn't dictate the way we had to work - something we appreciated as frequently the IT 'tail' tries to wag the institutional 'dog'.

    Peter Arnstein – Managing Partner, Bellamys Solicitors

  • Coplexis came into a very difficult situation and a project which was in a complete tatters. Within a very short period of time, they managed to put some structure behind the project and implemented a quick ready-made solution has made keeping track of the project substantially easier.

    David Fretwell – Telecoms Analyst, BP

Control the complexities of collaboration, work together as virtually ONE collaborative.

Pioneers in socio-economic systems for the "sharing economy", we manage membership to Coplexia Collaborative, a non-profit framework to support your internal and business-to-business collaboration chains. We've also developed a suite of Collaborative-Business Readiness Assurance (CoBRA) programmes to build-up capability in people, platforms and processes for co-operational excellence in the digital age. We help by combining expertise in three core areas of service, these being:-

Consulting Services

We help CEO's and their leadership teams develop shared visions, strategies & transformational roadmaps with the 'snake peel' effect.

Cloud Services

We help CIO's drive overall business value with digital strategies to extend enterprise collaboration capabilities beyond their corporate firewall.

Collaboration Services

We help COO's architect virtual organizations with optimised processes for diversely talented, geographically dispersed teams to co-operate seamlessly.

Our integrated services and value-propositions offer many proven benefits to members. These include sustainable savings in operational expenditure (OPEX) through aggregated economies of scale; a common collaborative-computing and social enterprise experience with interoperability across public, private and government cloud services; and Quality Management Systems that give transparency and governance to optimised processes in Supply-Chain Management (SCM), Programme Management Office (PMO) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) co-operations to accelerate delivery of transformation programmes by up to 70%. Guaranteed.

Want to know how?

It all starts with a Collaborative-Business Readiness Assurance (CoBRA) Study.

CoBRA consultants survey people, platforms and processes to assess readiness across your internal, inter-organizational and business-to-business collaboration-chains (depending on needs). We then measure readiness against current and emergent industry standards** and benchmarks in best practice, as well as data from previous surveys and assessments, to prepare and deliver a Results & Recommendations Report. The report relates your current position to potential enhancements based on our time-proven Quality Management Systems (QMS) for functional excellence in co-operational PMO, CRM and SCM processes.

Our CoBRA consultants are trained experts in Behavioural Change, Workplace ITC Services and Operational Improvement who have also mastered applied use of our Quality Management Systems to help organizations accelerate delivery of their most important transformational initiatives. They will conduct CoBRA surveys, analyse the data and present back your Results & Recommendations Report within 4 weeks.

Please contact us to find out more or, to take advantage of our online exclusive fixed-fee price offer, order today to secure your CoBRA Study for just 2,500 GBP + VAT (normally charged on a time & material basis). A member of our team will be in touch within 2 business days to assist and make all the necessary arrangements, including the paperwork for your review and approval before we begin.

Online exclusive offer ends July 2015. T&Cs apply.
** Example standards include BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships, and the soon to be released ISO 11000 Collaborative Working Relationships expected in 2016.

Work Anywhere and B.Y.O.D capabilities--as standard.

Collaborating Cohorts

With over 900+ consulting cohorts and collaborators, we've a growing network of industrious professionals and illustrious experts to call upon for working together as virtually ONE trusted workforce.

    Founder and Managing Partner

    Amir has nearly 20 years experience helping clients deliver technology-enabled Change & Transformation programmes across global value-chains.

    He has worked in and across the private, public and third sectors, helping some of the worlds foremost names including ABB Manufacturing, Accor Hotels, Avnet EMG, BP, BT, Heathrow, Nokia, Shell and Vodafone, as well as numerous SME and start-ups. His belief in the importance of integrity and effective collaboration has remained true and central to his work throughout his career, as has his passion to prevent value-decaying complexities from the root rather than to treat the symptoms.

    Amir holds a B.Eng. Hons degree in Manufacturing Systems & Business Studies from Kingston University, and has lectured MBA Executives in Management Consulting at Kingston Business School.

  • Peter ARNSTEIN
    Legal Counsel

    A solicitor with more than 30 years standing in the legal community, Peter has been a trusted advisor to Coplexis and our clients for over 10 years. He helps ensure client collaboration agreements are fair, legally compliant, and in the unlikely but occasionally inevitable event disagreement should arise, he is happy to assist the parties in mediating a resolution.

  • Stephen MOSS
    Associate Consultant

    Stephen has nearly 30 years experience helping clients succeed in strategic change, leadership and performance improvement opportunities.

    Having previously worked with large global consulting firms such as PA Consulting, Deloitte and Logica (CGI), as well as smaller boutiques, he has delivered countless assignments in the private, public and third sectors, bringing rich Organisation Development experience and high impact 'action methods' (Action Research, Collaborative Inquiry and Action Learning) to help people work together across organisation boundaries to deliver change and high performance in complex operating environments.

    Stephen holds a BA Hons Oxon in experimental psychology, and an MA in Applied Social Studies from Warwick University. He is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

  • Amir VOJDANI
    Associate Consultant

    Amir has over 20 years experience helping clients 'visualise' complex problems to drive group innovation work.

    Having worked with an eclectic mix of clients, including Microsoft, Atkins and the UN on diverse challenges ranging from Marketing Communications to improvements in the manufacturing process, Amir combines managerial, leadership and artistic skills to motivate diversely talented teams to great effect. He is particularly interested in 'Smart Design Solutions for Modern Architecture', and active in helping non-profits, political campaigns, art and community projects.

    Amir holds Masters degree in Planning & Design of the Physical Environment from Harvard University.

  • David FRETWELL
    Associate Consultant

    David is a Microsoft Certified Business Intelligence Consultant with a background in Business Analysis and over 10 years of experience.

    Having helped clients such as BP, Centrica, O2, EADS Astrium on a variety of assignments, he has also helped several Clinical Commissioning Groups within the UK National Health Service (NHS) make informed decisions. He understands the emergent challenges and opportunities of 'big data' in the digitally-extended collaborative enterprise, and brings insight to 'new generation' PMO, SCM and CRM functions right across collaboration-chains.

    David holds a BSc Hons degree in Computer Information Systems Design from Kingston University.

Collaborating Companies

Collaborative relationships with clients, suppliers and affiliates is inherent in our DNA. So we continually improve our value propositions through an ever evolving collaboration-chain.

How can we help you today?

Global Service Address

23 London Road, TW1 3SX. United Kingdom

+44 (0) 20 8408 1489

[email protected]

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