The greater the importance of any initiative, the greater the need to collaborate for the initiative to succeed.

    We help organisations collaborate for success.
  • We've helped the world's busiest airport prepare for its largest international terminal.
  • We've helped Peter and his team turnaround their law firm, saving employee jobs.
  • We've helped giants in financial services integrate to create the UK's largest banking group.
  • We've helped UK Government rethink delivery of major projects & programmes, for good.
  • We've helped unite opposing communities to stand together around the globe in support of human rights.
  • We've helped create world-class lean professionals in over 200 manufacturing plants, no black-belt required.

The greater the importance of any initiative, the greater the need to collaborate.

Yet effective collaboration is complex, and never just about software tools.
In the new digitally connected collaborative age, established rules in business, leadership and management simply no-longer apply. Success today requires new (often counterintuitive) thinking and investment in people, platforms and processes to support new ways of working.

With relevant experience and expertise in global supply-chain improvement programmes, the Coplexia Collaborative framework and 'concentric' cooperating model was first setup in 2003 in response to EU Social Development Objectives calling for cooperation across industry, government and education.

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Today the model continues to evolve and is proven to counter the common causes of collaboration complexities within and across the private, public and third sectors.

  • I have been nothing but impressed with what I have seen with regards to Coplexia's professionalism, business and technical acumen, and their ability to make difficult initiatives successful.

    Danny Ryan – Co-founder, ThreeWill

  • Coplexia Consultants alway took time to ensure that what they proposed met with our agreement and fitted our working practices. They didn't dictate the way we had to work-something we appreciated as frequently the IT 'tail' tries to wag the institutional 'dog'.

    Peter Arnstein – Partner, Bellamys Solicitors

  • Coplexia came into a very difficult situation and a project which was in a complete tatters. Within a very short period of time, they managed to put some structure behind the project and implemented a quick ready-made solution that has made keeping track of the project substantially easier.

    David Fretwell – Analyst, BP

We'll connect everyone and help them to cooperate, you'll improve performance by up to 70%.

Working together as Virtually ONE collaborative,
Coplexia Collaborative Business Readiness Assurance (CoBRA) programmes help senior executives and leadership teams succeed in their most important change & transformation initiatives, by controlling the complexities of collaboration.

The results are outstanding. We base our fees on them.

Coplexia Quality Management Systems (QMS) leverage virtual workspaces with related tools and templates to support improved ways of working across internal and Business-to-Business (B2B) collaboration-chains. Standard modules digitally connect and virtualise Supply-Chain Management (SCM), Programme Management Office (PMO), Digital Service Delivery (DSD) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) operational processes, and our Digital Value Reengineering consultants will ensure co-operational excellence.

Work Anywhere and BYOD capabilities--as standard.

Reliable resources to help realise the promise of prosperity through partnership.

Effective collaboration requires mutual understanding and trust.
These start with clear contextualised communication, and a synergic mind-set. Rather than "who needs who more", the most successful collaborators ask "what could we achieve better together?", then go on to focus their people, platforms and processes on that shared vision of success.

We hope the following features will resonate with your current or future needs, and for the opportunity to share supporting material with you, like lessons learnt reports and 'how to' guides.

So let's start a contextualised conversation today.

Helping the world's busiest airport prepare for its largest international terminal.

Change Programme Management|Transport

In the lead-up to Heathrow's Terminal 5 coming into operational readiness, BAA IT Applications and Support Services lacked confidence in their ability to identify and deal with the possible impacts of T5 on over 300 legacy systems across the BAA world. The senior leadership team recognised a need to change how they operate in order to cope with business-as-usual demands on top of mounting requirements from in major T5 construction and technology programmes, BAA transformation programmes and venture partners British Airways. Adding to the complexities was a 10billion GBP hostile takeover by Spanish consortia Ferrovial, a novel supplier contracting model that made BAA entirely accountable for the delivery of T5 (rather than any of its supply partners), and complex regulatory debates ranging from the usual HR challenges of TUPE to ground breaking decisions on such things as the implications of biometric measuring machines on human rights laws.

Contact us to find out how we helped BAA, and let's explore how our past experience can help shape your future successes.

Real-Time Risk Management at PMI

Programme Governance|Education

Nazanin Aslani, PMP, is VP of Professional Development at PMI Los Angeles Chapter. In this podcast she discusses the advantages of CoBRA enabled Real-Time Risk Management over traditional techniques, and describes how the enhanced collaboration capabilities of working in 'Virtually ONE PMO' brings real-world benefits to project portfolio management.

Watch Modern Workplace on The Evolving Role of Technology & Transforming Your Business

Report|Microsoft Business

In this episode of Modern Workplace on The Evolving Role of Technology, we came to you live from Ignite in Chicago where we, and over 22,000 technology and business leaders are focused on the rapidly changing landscape and the power of technology to empower businesses around the globe to achieve more. In this episode we heard from Microsoft luminaries Julia White, general manager of product marketing for Office and Gurdeep Singh Pall, corporate vice president of Skype, as well as Thomas Boxrud, Director, Information Services Group for Underwriters Laboratories, a global safety science company, on how the latest technology is revolutionizing the way we work.

Helping Peter and his team turnaround their law firm, saving employee jobs.

Business Turnaround|Legal Services

Coplexia helped turnaround a group of four independent law firms from the brink of collapse due to post-merger integration challenges, the economic downturn, an unprecedented hike in insurance premiums and the costs of pending regulatory change. Working with senior partners to develop a strategic roadmap for a return to profitability within 18 months, Amir designed and delivered a collaborative growth programme (CGP) that led to the transformation of the amalgamated firm into a 40million+ GBP legal practice which he went on to lead as Interim Director of IT & Operations in readiness for a single Alternative Business Structure (ABS) law firm coming into effect.

For the full story, we invite you to speak with Peter and his team on a site visit or conference call.

Global Human Capital Trends 2015: Leading in the new world of work

Report|Deloitte University Press

Deloitte's 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report is one of the largest longitudinal studies of talent, leadership, and HR challenges and readiness around the world. The research described in this report involved surveys and interviews with more than 3,300 business and HR leaders from 106 countries.

Consulting custodians of connected collaboration-chains.

With a network of 800+ consulting cohorts, Coplexia also has a proven ability to assemble teams of illustrious experts and industrious professionals at breakneck speeds.

Operating under a single legal entity, Coplexia committee members act as trusted custodians of collaboration-chains, often working with Chief and Board level executives to help shape and steer some of their most strategically important and operationally complex programmes to success.

Your collaboration custodians include:-

    Managing Partner

    Amir has nearly 20 years of experience helping clients deliver technology-enabled Change & Transformation programmes across globally spread customer', supply' and value-chains.

    Amir holds a BEng Hons degree in Manufacturing Systems & Business Studies from Kingston and has lectured MBA Executives in Management Consulting at Kingston Business School.

  • Anita SURI
    Company Secretary

    Anita is a highly experienced Leader and Manager of people and business units. She has held various Advisory, Board, Director and Senior Civil Servant positions within UK Government, Education and the third sectors--experienced in working at local, regional and national levels. Today, Anita is particularly interested in helping community based enterprises and teaching establishments to succeed.

  • Peter ARNSTEIN
    Legal Counsel, England & Wales

    A solicitor with more than 30 years standing in the legal community, Peter has been a trusted advisor to Coplexia and our clients for over 10 years. He helps ensure client collaboration agreements are fair and legally compliant. In the unlikely but occasionally inevitable event disagreement should arise between collaborating parties, he is skilled and happy to assist in mediating a resolution.

  • Chris CHARLTON
    Delivery Management practice

    Chris is a highly experienced Delivery Partner, Board Advisor & Programme Director, with a strong background in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. He offers expertise in successful transformation leadership, his paper on the topic having been published by the Financial Times.

    Chris holds a Masters degree in Management Studies from Cambridge University.

  • Steven MOSS
    Strategic Management practice

    Stephen has nearly 30 years experience helping clients succeed in strategic change, leadership and performance improvement across all sectors. His expertise includes high impact methods: Action Research, Learning and Collaborative Inquiry.

    Stephen holds a BA Hons Oxon in experimental psychology, and an MA in Applied Social Studies from Warwick University.

  • Jacqueline GAGNE
    Delivery Management practice

    Jacqueline has a 30+ year career spanning Canada and the UK during which she's helped private and public sectors clients successfully deliver strategic and operational improvement programmes.

    Today Jacqueline specialises in helping universities collaborate with strategic partners on international joint ventures, coaching and supporting leaders in emergent best-practice.

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